Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Great Gram.....June Rossi

I love you!! I'm so thankful for this picture, because this is how I remember you. One of the things I loved most and will remember always is the way that you smelled. I'll never forget it. I loved how I could go over to your house and watch wheel of fortune with you whenever I wanted. I loved how you asked me to brush your hair. When I was little I got to measure how tall I'd gotten by the buttons on your shirt. You taught me how to crochet, you sang to me, made me laugh, played boggle with me at the Gold mine, fed me apples and cheese for snacks, let me play in your lipstick, showed me old photographs, gave me sugarless gum, took me to the Dairy Queen, took us trick or treating in deer camp, and took me "ard selling". You seemed to be always happy. When I got older, there were some things that I have to laugh at you putting mayonaise in the fruit this wasn't so bad, but you kept the mayo in the cupboard...opened LOL...GRAM!! I'll never know how you did it!

Gram, I'll say it again, I love you. Thank you for setting the example to be happy, to love my husband and my family unconditionally, and the importance of vitamins *wink*

I'm truly grateful that you are with Grampa now, it was just not right that you were apart!!!

All my love,

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