Monday, November 26, 2007


THE CAMERA!! YAY....Everyone can rejoice with me now. I got it fixed and had it back on Thanksgiving, but it didn't work. I took it back the next day, and we found out that the memory card was I got a new memory card and we're back up and running. I've had it out ever since I think LOL.

For some reason I got sleeping babe pictures, this almost never happens and since I have my camera back, twice in two see what I almost missed out on?

First one....Eli was working very hard on an art project as you can tell, and when it had been awhile since we had heard from him we looked in on and and found him sound asleep. There was something all over his face though, and at first we couldn't figure out what it was......but it didn't take long to realize it was HAIR!! I guess he got bored working on his art project LOL.

Second one.....Sophie has gotten to be such a big girl that we finally broke out the is so much fun to see her in it.....She plays in there for a really long time....I put her in it this morning and she was happy as a clam. I ran it to get my camera to get some of the first shots of her exploring her little world.
I'm so glad I did too, because the first picture is just priceless!! LOL.....

Well I took a few pictures and decided to update the old blog, when I realized that I didn't hear her anymore....I took one look and had to grab my camera again....


So it was a mad rush to get my camera back and Thanksgiving morning I finally have it in my hands again, I turn it on.....and nothing.... :( So, I'll just have to write about it, no pictures :(

Thanksgiving was held at my mom's this year in her new home. It was so nice. Gram Esther was there, Whit and Heidi, Nate and I and our gang, and of course mom and Kevin. It was quite, but nice. I think the best part of the whole day was Gram's homemade blueberry pie for Nate...OH MY yummy. We got there at about 12:30 and I helped finish up dinner while the guys went up to watch Clemmens in the big game. We finally sat down at about 3:00 and ate entirely too much food and visited. It was Soph's first Thanksgiving...I'm just so sad I didn't get any pictures. Anyway, mom kept the boys that night and Soph and I went out shopping the next day. Not too early though, we left at about 8am and got home about 9pm.....we were tuckered out BUT..........I FINALLY have a shopping partner LOL.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, I have so much to report and in no particular order of importance......first of camera is at the repair shop *insert crying emoticon here* Jake was trying to help me by putting the memory card in and it bent a prong....I took it to Boise and they said that it would at least a week....*insert another crying emoticon here* I feel like someone has taken my voice from me....I didn't realize how much I used that to voice how I was feeling.....and Sophie is looking particularly cute today and I can't share it with anyone :(

Next....... I got a call from the school today about Jake...they are concerned about something...I'll report more on this later...we're trying to figure out something that my "motherly gut" has been telling me for a very long time.....As soon as we find out for sure, I'll post....I guess I should note that it is not life threatening at all. Think auditory processing disorder....once again, I have a habit of exploding a mole hill into a that is why I'll post more when we find out.

Okay, then I replace my cell phone that I have yet AGAIN run over with the car....(I know, I know) and they give me a number that apparently was that of a girlfriend of a....are you ready for this one? INMATE! Yes, I get about three or four phone calls this morning from a recorded voice telling me I have a phone call from a Federal prison....ummmm what?! It took me until the fourth call to realize that all I needed to do was push 7 to tell them that I don't accept phone calls from a prison....ugh...oh and apparently this girl was very popular because I get a text "hello" from the other side of the state from an unknown number....niiiiiiiice.

And a word of advice from Trent today.....because I have had a pretty bad day......

**"Mommy, you're not looking too great, I think you need a massage"**

Thanks Trent

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy 3 month birthday Soph!!

Soph!! Where is the time going?!! You sweet little girl you, I can't believe're smiling, cooing, trying to figure out how to laugh, and you have everyone in this house wrapped around your tiny little finger! We love you baby girl!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

6 Things about me
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1. I love to create......anything really, usually by.....sewing, scrapbooking, photography.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE professional baseball. Nate and I went to a game in Seattle a couple years ago and I now I'm hooked....

3. I love do-it-yourself projects. I put in our hardwood floor a few years ago which has been my biggest project and my next project is going to be to re-roof our pump house. I secretly long to be a contractor. If I could do anything I wanted to, it would be to build things.....Paige on Extreme Home Makeover is my hero~!

4. I started playing the saxophone when I was about 12 years old. I want to learn how to play the guitar and the piano before I die.

5. I love to find good's an addiction of mine LOL...please see post "Dumpster Diving"

6. I love the smell of dirt after it much so I want to eat it?!!! Yes, I know, I need help LOL.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

These were taken on Grampa's farm today.......

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


APPLES.....I have apples coming out my ears. I bought 148 pounds of apples last week. Seriously, no it's not a typo...1-4-8 pounds of apples. Just so you know, if crap hits the fan....... we have apples!! I took a picture they were so pretty....They are delicious, crisp, sweet, and perfect. I used 40 of them to make apple pie filling and froze it instead of canning this year, so I have enough for about 6 or 7 pies in my freezer and since I was at it, I went ahead and made one for the family dessert tonight. ..........
So that's roughly 120 pounds still to go......hmmm I am also cutting some up for the coleslaw tonight and thought about drying some as crisp, apple bread, fried apples........I need more ideas.....

Monday, November 5, 2007

The dumpster diver.....

Okay, so as I was growing up I had the opportunity to experience many things. One of the best experiences was dumpster read that right. Let me tell you, my Gram is one of the most classiest people I know. Martha Stewart has learned everything she knows from my Gram.......BUT, a deal is a deal and others trash are some people's treasures.... There are a couple dumpsters in Southern California that hold the priciest, most elegant, beautiful fabric that one could find, but more than that, they hold some of my dearest memories of my youth that are priceless to me. Gram would load my brother, cousins, and myself up in her Mercedes Benz and we would often find these treasures that were unbelievable. We'd jump in the dumpsters and start digging. We would bring up brand new fabric that had been thrown away, sometimes whole rolls of fabric. We would load up her trunk and soon she would have pillows, dresses, curtains, bags, table clothes, bed spreads, and blankets made for the whole family. I would venture to say that there is a little piece of our dumpster days in every member of our family's home still to this day. So I tell you this story so you can understand WHY I am such a bargin shopper. It's almost an obsession.....I get some weird high when I can find the deal, and it's almost like I can't stop until I find it. It's a talent that has been passed down from Gram and shared with my Aunt's and now myself. So on to my story......I cleaned out the toy room one day and was passing down the toys to the Youth Ranch when I found it. I swear, I heard music. It was calling to me.....there sat the one thing I refused to pay full price for, but was having a hard time finding it, even used, for much less than $100.00. A jogging stroller. I told the boys to stay put and literally ran over to it. I could see the eyes of passer by woman as big as saucers as they found it as well. It was brand new, I'm not kidding.....the tires were flat but it looked like it had maybe been used one or twice. So, I start looking for a price tag and can't find it. A lady who works there made my day...."Give me 5 bucks and it's yours"......I'm sorry........what did you say?!!! 5 bucks?!!!! SOLD! I just about broke into dance.....I loaded it up and dropped it off at Les Swab. So for the time being my obsession has been fed.

(I just looked it up online and brand new it's $179.99......yes, so that's a $174.99 savings in case you're wondering. )

Here is Sophie enjoying her first ride.....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeennnnnnn

Halloween was actually a nice night. It was decent, not freezing like normal. We went down to the church and did the trunk or treat and enjoyed hotdogs, hot chocolate, and donuts. We wrapped it up kind of early because of school the next day, but it was nice nonetheless. After it was over, I was helping Jake brush his teeth and the "loosest tooth in town" FINALLY came out. THANK THE LORD.....honestly, this tooth was a source of much contention....Jake refused for anyone to touch it. The thing would literally turn around in his mouth, flap when he tried to talk, and forget about eating anything....he would show it to perfect strangers. We're so happy the tooth decided to give up the ghost. LOL!

Carving FuN......

We got started on the carving a little late this year, but we got it done. For some reason Nate and I both pretty much hate carving LOL. We're kind of secretly hoping that one year the kids forget it LOL....