Sunday, March 9, 2008

R.S.V :(

Okay, so the day I took Soph to see the Dr. for her "well-baby" check-up she was in NOT sick! There was a little boy in the waiting room that was coughing and looked terrible. As a matter of fact, I almost scooped him up and took him to the hospital....I could see the germs flying through the air and landing on Sophie..ugh...I can be a germaphob, so it totally made me gag, not to mention the lady right beside me proudly telling her friend how her little boy (who she let play with the toys...who does this?) had a spiking fever, vomiting, and diarrhea! Oh, I just about got up and left with that story LOL...anyway, a few days later Sophie turned up sick, and I mean sick. Fever, terrible cough, yucky nose, unable to sleep or eat because it was so bad...anyway, long story short.....I took her in for what I thought was an ear infection only to be told that they admit her to the hospital for RSV because her oxygen was down to 92/93 and that her lungs sounded terrible...*insert crying emoticon here* I felt sooooo bad. ANyway, she got a breathing treatment, a shot of Rocephine (thick peanut butter shot..soooo thick and hurts like heck!) and I was told to bring her back the next day...we did and repeated the whole thing again. We did it again the next day as well and she looked like she was on the mend. Well, four days later we landed right back in the office with a terrible ear infection that didn't get cleared up the first time...poor Soph!! So she is now on another antibiotic and finally feeling a little better. The pediatrician told me to try to keep her from catching another cold this we have become total homebodies...only going out if we have to....hence the reason I am not at church is a picture of the poor baby being sick...(What kind of mom takes pictures of her kids while they're sick?)


Poor Eli was sliding down the slide that his brothers had jimmyed against the trampoline and fell off...his face was so scratched up. Later that day he woke up from his nap crying that his ear hurt, so Nate took him to the Dr. and he had an ear infection :( Gosh, when it rains it poors.

I know the picture is sideways, but I thought it was the best way to really see the abrasion LOL


A month ago on the 12th! I'm a little behind the times!!
She went for her check-up and is 17lbs 6oz and 29inch long...very healthy and happy! A half a year old baby girl :)