Sunday, January 20, 2008

Did someone say SLEDDING?!!!!!

Well, for the first time in years we got to sledding!! We were almost desparate enough to go up to Bogus Basin, but it decided to snow and save us a ton of time and money! Trying to find something that wasnt' already being used was kind of a problem. We did end up finding a small hill that was perfect for the kids. The only downside was that it started snowing, and with us not having a four wheeler to haul everyone back up the hill, the kids got really tired and wet really fast. But it was so much fun while it lasted. I don't think there is anything that can make you laugh like's like terror and fun all wrapped up together LOL ..even my mom got up and went down...I don't think I have ever seen her sled was hilarious!..... These are in no particular order!!

Tyson TOTALLY wiped out on the first time out....which is why Eli wouldn't budge out of the Suburban...he witnessed the wreck LOL...he scraped up his face pretty good, pulled his shoulder, and hurt his thumb.... they joys of sledding....

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