Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Great Gram.....June Rossi

I love you!! I'm so thankful for this picture, because this is how I remember you. One of the things I loved most and will remember always is the way that you smelled. I'll never forget it. I loved how I could go over to your house and watch wheel of fortune with you whenever I wanted. I loved how you asked me to brush your hair. When I was little I got to measure how tall I'd gotten by the buttons on your shirt. You taught me how to crochet, you sang to me, made me laugh, played boggle with me at the Gold mine, fed me apples and cheese for snacks, let me play in your lipstick, showed me old photographs, gave me sugarless gum, took me to the Dairy Queen, took us trick or treating in deer camp, and took me "ard selling". You seemed to be always happy. When I got older, there were some things that I have to laugh at you putting mayonaise in the fruit this wasn't so bad, but you kept the mayo in the cupboard...opened LOL...GRAM!! I'll never know how you did it!

Gram, I'll say it again, I love you. Thank you for setting the example to be happy, to love my husband and my family unconditionally, and the importance of vitamins *wink*

I'm truly grateful that you are with Grampa now, it was just not right that you were apart!!!

All my love,

Sophie Jean Jean bean is 5 mths old

Let's see...zerbert's are her favorite thing to do now. She is still so quiet takes an army to get her to laugh, but Trent has the special touch, she always laughs for him. She is just a joy!!

Here are some others to help celebrate the occasion.....

This one is from last month, but it was so sweet, I had to post it.

Did someone say SLEDDING?!!!!!

Well, for the first time in years we got to sledding!! We were almost desparate enough to go up to Bogus Basin, but it decided to snow and save us a ton of time and money! Trying to find something that wasnt' already being used was kind of a problem. We did end up finding a small hill that was perfect for the kids. The only downside was that it started snowing, and with us not having a four wheeler to haul everyone back up the hill, the kids got really tired and wet really fast. But it was so much fun while it lasted. I don't think there is anything that can make you laugh like's like terror and fun all wrapped up together LOL ..even my mom got up and went down...I don't think I have ever seen her sled was hilarious!..... These are in no particular order!!

Tyson TOTALLY wiped out on the first time out....which is why Eli wouldn't budge out of the Suburban...he witnessed the wreck LOL...he scraped up his face pretty good, pulled his shoulder, and hurt his thumb.... they joys of sledding....


Okay, New year's has become one of my most FAVORITE traditions with Nate's family. Grandpa Gary makes his famous mafa chicken, rice, prawns (tempura and breaded this year), and we have potato salad, cut up veggies, raw fish (eek), dessert, and I can't remember the name of it, but that meat that you dip in hot mustard and seeds...what's the name?!!!! Let's name it, it was there.........sooooooooo good. We all pitch in and get it much fun I tell ya... Everyone in the county pretty much shows up now LOL....Unfortunately I only have a few very random pictures, I think I was too busy eating to take any :)

This is a little story in itself...Jake got to go home with Josh (Miko's friend) and go hunting for the day! He was absolutely beside himself! They came home just in time to eat......and Jake was toting his treasure!! It was a perfect way to start the New Year! Thanks Josh!!

Happy New Years!! 2008 HERE WE COME!

Wow, okay I'm not going to say "The time is just flying by" I'm not, I swear........but seriously?!! Where is it going?! I can't believe that yet another year is gone. New Year's eve has become a "family" affair since we have so many kids that no one cares to watch them all LOL So this year we gathered at Nancy's for some really cool fireworks. Vale has started a tradition of a really cool Firework show for NYE. Since we live in Vale, we NEVER get to see fireworks so this has actually become something that we all look forward to. Jeff and Mar were able to come down with Brooks and Ali this year so we got to hang out with them too....we invited family and friends over and ate, played games and ate some more :) It was a blast and a perfect way to ring in the new year.

Some "not very good" shots of the fireworks...

The kids enjoying the fireworks...but it was SOOOOOO COLD!!!
Miko catching the show just before leaving....
Back inside enjoying the food
The kids loving getting to play with their cousins...
Trenton....happy New Year's eve my love...
Jake, being the the sweet monster...loving the caramel corn...
Soph's first New Year's eve....
Jake plays a mean game of tic-tac-toe
Ali being silly for the camera...Jake actually took this picture :)
Aunt Mar and Brooksie....
Little Jeff jr.
Another picture Jake took...Eli and Braxton are long lost buddies at Gram's house!

Eli, played hard and had a blast....

The kids winding down and watching movies...
Daddy and Sophie
Uncle Jeff and Brooks
Soph...she can't believe it's a new year either LOL
Brooks playing with Braxton