Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, I have so much to report and in no particular order of importance......first of camera is at the repair shop *insert crying emoticon here* Jake was trying to help me by putting the memory card in and it bent a prong....I took it to Boise and they said that it would at least a week....*insert another crying emoticon here* I feel like someone has taken my voice from me....I didn't realize how much I used that to voice how I was feeling.....and Sophie is looking particularly cute today and I can't share it with anyone :(

Next....... I got a call from the school today about Jake...they are concerned about something...I'll report more on this later...we're trying to figure out something that my "motherly gut" has been telling me for a very long time.....As soon as we find out for sure, I'll post....I guess I should note that it is not life threatening at all. Think auditory processing disorder....once again, I have a habit of exploding a mole hill into a that is why I'll post more when we find out.

Okay, then I replace my cell phone that I have yet AGAIN run over with the car....(I know, I know) and they give me a number that apparently was that of a girlfriend of a....are you ready for this one? INMATE! Yes, I get about three or four phone calls this morning from a recorded voice telling me I have a phone call from a Federal prison....ummmm what?! It took me until the fourth call to realize that all I needed to do was push 7 to tell them that I don't accept phone calls from a prison....ugh...oh and apparently this girl was very popular because I get a text "hello" from the other side of the state from an unknown number....niiiiiiiice.

And a word of advice from Trent today.....because I have had a pretty bad day......

**"Mommy, you're not looking too great, I think you need a massage"**

Thanks Trent

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The Aldred Family said...

Let me know your new cell number!! Keep us updated on Jakey! Hope all is well... We'll miss you guys this Thanksgiving! Hopefully we can be there in December to celebrate Christmas and your birthday with you...