Monday, November 26, 2007


So it was a mad rush to get my camera back and Thanksgiving morning I finally have it in my hands again, I turn it on.....and nothing.... :( So, I'll just have to write about it, no pictures :(

Thanksgiving was held at my mom's this year in her new home. It was so nice. Gram Esther was there, Whit and Heidi, Nate and I and our gang, and of course mom and Kevin. It was quite, but nice. I think the best part of the whole day was Gram's homemade blueberry pie for Nate...OH MY yummy. We got there at about 12:30 and I helped finish up dinner while the guys went up to watch Clemmens in the big game. We finally sat down at about 3:00 and ate entirely too much food and visited. It was Soph's first Thanksgiving...I'm just so sad I didn't get any pictures. Anyway, mom kept the boys that night and Soph and I went out shopping the next day. Not too early though, we left at about 8am and got home about 9pm.....we were tuckered out BUT..........I FINALLY have a shopping partner LOL.

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