Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeennnnnnn

Halloween was actually a nice night. It was decent, not freezing like normal. We went down to the church and did the trunk or treat and enjoyed hotdogs, hot chocolate, and donuts. We wrapped it up kind of early because of school the next day, but it was nice nonetheless. After it was over, I was helping Jake brush his teeth and the "loosest tooth in town" FINALLY came out. THANK THE LORD.....honestly, this tooth was a source of much contention....Jake refused for anyone to touch it. The thing would literally turn around in his mouth, flap when he tried to talk, and forget about eating anything....he would show it to perfect strangers. We're so happy the tooth decided to give up the ghost. LOL!

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The Aldred Family said...

I love the costumes!! Wish we could have been there to see them and to let Ali go trunk or treating with them!! Maybe another year! lol and congrats on Jakes tooth falling out!! :)