Saturday, February 9, 2008

100 things about me

Okay Mar, I totally took this from ya, but I really wondered if I could come up with 100 things about myself :)

1. I was named after my grandma Jean.
2. I have one younger brother.
3. I wanted more siblings.
4. I have two children that were born with a clubbed right foot.
5. I love earthtone colors.
6. I love the ocean, but am afraid to go in it anymore
7. I overanalyze and overthink most things in my life.
8. My dad died when I was 16 from cancer.
9. I have irrational fears, one of which is dying in a car accident.
10. I love to dress my children in expensive clothing.
11. I love shopping for the best deal, this is like a high for me, which is why I can do #10.
12. My Grandma Esther calls me "baby" and I love it.
13. I am 1/4 Mexican.
14. I love to laugh.
15. I once laughed so hard I peed my pants :)
16. I am probably too hard on the one's I love the most.
17. I have a problem with telling people no.
18. I hate being too hot.
19. I am a Grandma's girl.
20. I had an awesome childhood despite my dad having cancer.
21. I have not been happy with myself in 12 years.
22. My dad and mom's family have an intense love for me and I know it....I feel completely loved by them.
23. I have a nervous laughter which causes me to laugh at inappropriate times and places.
24. I bite my nails.
25. I love to exercise, but don't do it enough.
26. I do not have a pet.
27. I love to cook.
28. I have decided not to have anymore children :(
29. I care way too much what others think of me.
30. I worry over everything.
31. I love going on drives with my family.
32. I can't stand to have my nails painted, I think I do, but as soon as I paint them, I peel it off.
33. I have ocd in that I count my teeth, beats to music, how many steps I take, and when someone talks, sometimes I see the letters on a keyboard and imagine how I would type it. This isn't something I do everytime, but I catch myself doing it nonetheless.
34. I hate math.
35. I know how to play the saxophone.
36. I want to learn how to play the piano and the guitar.
37. I hate hate hate the wind.
38. I never finished college and I wished I would have.
39. I got married at 18, which is probably why I never did #38.
40. I am a certified dental assistant, but decided to be a stay at home mom after Jake was born.
41. I love the medical field.
42. I would love to be an OB nurse.
43. I am almost a certified Medical Transcriptionist, I've been typing for 2 years and I love it so far.
43. I love teeth and it's the first thing I notice about people.
44. I didn't have a cavity until I was 23 years old.
45. I like to be right.
46. I can be selfish sometimes.
47. I love to read.
48. It's hard for me to say I'm sorry, except to people that I don't know, then I appologize for things that are not my fault.
49. I have a real interest in "old" things...houses, recipes, people etc. If I could just have my Grandma back for a minute to pick her brain...
50. I've made huge, life changing, mistakes.
51. I have a hard time forgiving myself (see #50, and #21)
52. I love the internet and probably spend way too much time on it.
53. I've never had a ticket.
54. Sometimes I wonder what it is I'm supposed to become, what I am supposed to be doing, and if I will just "know" when I get there.
55. I am a perfectionist in that if I can't get it done "right" I won't even start.
56. I like hair products.
57. I hate my hands.
58. I need to be more positive LOL
59. I have a terrible memory.
60. I am learning to clog.
61. My favorite season is the Fall.
62. I love going out to eat.
63. I love photography, even though I am such a novice.
64. I love old country songs (Willie and Merle are the top of the list)
65. I do not know how to make bread, although I've tried for years to learn.
66. I have a hard time telling me how I feel.
67. I'm a people-pleaser.
68. I loved being pregnant...I mean really loved it.
69. I like my eyebrows.
70. I like to hear gossip.
71. I love the smell of wet dirt...I want to eat it (now how random is that?)
72. I love fruit and most vegetables.
73. I hate to grate cheese.
74. I love puzzles and word games.
75. I get side-tracked way too easy.
76. I love grocery shopping.
77. I love hot baths, but don't like bubbles really.
78. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
79. I struggle with making new friends, which floors me, because I've never had this problem before becoming an "adult".
80. I like reading or hearing about other people's lifes,accomplishments etc.
81. I broke my brother's arm when we were little.
82. I can braid my own hair.
83. I pick things up off the floor with my toes a lot (clothes, toys, whatever) and I like to see if I can pick up different's like a game with me LOL
84. I love watching Grey's Anatomy.
85. I wish Sophie could have a sister.
86. I am a picker...I love to pick at zits and blackheads.
87. I had braces.
88. I don't know how to dance.
89. I know my husband loves me.
90. I could eat oreo's soaked in milk all day long and be just fine.
91. I am 5'8" and wish I were taller.
92. I love to read.
93. I make lists all day long.
94. I played with Barbies until I was in the 8th grade.
95. My dad called me "pumpkin"
96. I am a night owl, I can't get up in the morning to save my life.
97. I love cookie dough.
98. Seeing someone eat alone or at the movies alone makes me so sad.
99. Music inspires me.
100. I love my life and I'm trying to enjoy every minute.

WOW, I did it....that was hard! It only took me an hour LOL

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The Aldred Family said...

Ang, I'm so glad that you did this! I seriously loved to read it.. it's fun to learn more about you! You are an amazing woman... I wish that we lived closer so that I could get to know you better!